About Dockside Brewery - Our story...

Starting even a small brewery is scary and takes a massive amount of dedication, passion, hard work and confidence in your ability.

Our brewery is built on a simple philosophy: Everyone dies but not everyone lives, so live your dream, live your passion.

This is our dream. This is our passion.

Our brewery is a a true artisan brewery by every definition. We produce extraordinary beers on a very small scale. Our target audience is, by virtue of this fact, also very small and exclusive.

Our 3rd generation brew master has been brewing extraordinary beers since 2003. Long before craft beers became popular. In those early days of homebrewing, ingredients were particularly hard to come by, he obtained ingredients from friends who were visiting the USA. His mentor was the original Brewdog, a multi award winning homebrewer in the USA as well as being a highly respected beer Judge.

The Dockside Brewery company was first registered in 2007, a lack of funds, support, circumstance and confidence resulted in it not getting off the ground. The dream was always there though, on the backburner. In January 2014 circumstances were ideal to take the leap and follow the dream.

Cost was still a prohibitive factor. We worked around that and started fabricating the equipment ourselves. This has ultimately given us an advantage in that the equipment has been designed specifically to suit our style of beer making. We have kept things old school and traditional to honour and maintain our true artisan status.

Our beers are certainly not aimed at the masses. We are sure most people will probably not like them. Initially anyway. But peoples tastes mature and evolve, we are confident that we will gain the support of those who appreciate the quality of something extraordinary.

We have a 'no compromise' philosophy when it comes to quality. We don't skimp on the ingredients that we use, in fact, we use a lot more ingredients and take much more time to produce a lot less beer than most other breweries. Other craft breweries are producing ales in 11 days, our ales take at least 42 days before they are ready for sale, some of our ales take up to 56 days. We are not a big brewery masquerading as a 'craft' brewery. We are a true artisan brewery with a passion for giving each beer we produce the opportunity of being the best it can possibly be.

As a small example of this, we don't make use of municipal water. We make use of natural spring water obtained from a family farm in the Elands River Valley.

This philosophy carries over to our equipment and decor as well, although it is unpretentious and humble, we have paid great attention to the detail of it. We are big fans of steampunk and the brewery is a wonderful opportunity for us to express this. As time goes by it will become more and more a steampunk work of art.