Style:Pale Ale | ABV: 4,4% | IBU: 36 | SRM: 5,1


It took just over a year to get our brewery up and running. Waiting for the necessary licences and approvals while fabricating the equipment on a shoesting budget and not knowing where or when the money for the next piece of equipment was coming from took patience.

One thing we've discovered is that not many people are patient and that is exactly why patience is not for everyone.

Both the flavour and aroma are unique, we guarantee you have not tasted anything like this before.

Patience Pale Ale is our take on a marriage of the Southern Californian Pale Ale and the English Classic. Rich gold in color, this beer is a robust and full-flavored South African interpretation of the traditional styles.

Its bold malt character is perfectly complemented by a judicious amount of local hops, lending it a strong enticing aroma. This is an Ale for those who have learned to appreciate distinctive flavors and have a thirst for something out of the ordinary.

This is exactly how a fizzy, yellow beer should taste!