We sell beer in order to make it. We don't make beer in order to sell it.
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Our Brewery

Keep Learning. Work Hard. Stay Humble.

The best beer comes from passion and humility.

You won't find a shiny showcase brewery in a restaurant when you visit us, instead you will find a humble, hard working, hard core production brewery. We are focused squarely on manufacturing, we have 3 separate systems that were custom designed, fabricated and built 100% in house. Our brewery, fermentation and bottling are all controlled by a central PLC that integrates into our ERP and POS systems, making it the most technologically advanced Micro Brewery in the country. This technology was also developed and written 100% in house. It took the better part of a year to cut, roll and weld every tank. Even the roller was built in house in order to save money. Our brewery is functional, unpretentious and honest which reflects our personalities and character.

Our main design challenge was to produce a brewery that was small enough to fit through the tiny doorway of our original premises and still be large enough to make enough beer to be sustainable, on top of this, we had a very limited budget. Our methods, equipment and beer were heavily criticised in the beginning by many in the brewing and home brewing communities but we are still using our original brewery and our beer is now being exported around the world!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

We work hard to deliver the best beer.

Aquifer Spring water makes all the difference. We have been bringing our brewing water in from a natural spring in the Elandsriver Valley since day one. It has made a big difference to the quality of our beer.

When we started our brewery we only brewed with local ingredients. The industry has changed so much since then, so now for mostly commercial-political reasons it is no longer possible for us to use local ingredients. All of our ingredients are now imported. We do however only support our local suppliers. We source all of our ingredients and supplies in our home town.

We support local, do you?

Not only the best beer. The most creative offering as well.

In addition to our wide range of extraordinary beer, we produce a wide range of beer centered products. Mustard, Ice Cream, Biltong, Soap, Pickles, Olives, Marinade, Beer Breads and Shooters. All produced using our beer or byproducts from the brewing process.

We are constantly flexing our creative muscles in our quest to be the best craft brewery with the most creative offering in the world!

Creating Todays Innovations. Setting Tomorrows Standards.

Brewery Tours

Become part of our extraordinary lifestyle.

Tailor Made Custom Brewery Tours.

Brewing beer is a really slow and boring process. Our tours are focused more on having a few beers and chatting about the challenges we face, the interesting facts and figures of the beer industry and how we fit into that, while we take a stroll around the brewery. We are very relaxed and flexible, you will need to get hold of Jane so that we can understand your requirements and make the appropriate arrangements for you. Let us know how much time you have and if you would enjoy something to eat as well.

Our tours can be as short as half an hour or they can take an entire afternoon with tastings at both the brewery and the tap room along with lunch.

We can comfortably accommodate 10 people.

Owing to our rigorous brewing schedule which has resulted in a lack of space in the brewery and limited our resources, we have suspended brewery tours until further notice.

Daily Beer Tasting at Our Taproom.

If you aren't keen to visit our brewery or you are pressed for time, our taproom and bottle shop is open from 10 am most days. All of our beers are available either in bottles or on tap. You can choose from a simple or guided tasting, to a paired tasting with Belgian chocolate or a charcuterie board.

We sell bottled beer for take away along with our full range of products and merchandise, all of which make perfect gifts. Particularly for those who are difficult to buy for.

We also do growler fills. You bring it, we fill it.

Form Part of the Brewing Process.

Bring your customers or colleagues to our brewery for an extraordinary, unique experience. Design a beer and brew it with our talented brewer. You will find out just how complex ingredient selection is. Beer has so much more to offer in terms of flavour than most people realise.

If you have a little more time and want to understand more about beer, you can brew a batch of beer on South Africas smallest commercial brewery! The beer will be yours to take home with you. Plan for about 5 hours which includes lunch , beer tasting 101 and a few beers while you brew.

Best for groups of around 6.

Our Beer

Extraordinary Beer for Extraordinary People.

We are redefining the sterotypical beer drinker. Beer has evolved, it is no longer the exclusive domain of pot bellied belchers watching contact sport and drinking for effect. Our beers are refined, balanced and full of flavour. We offer a true alternative for those who live a modern, experience filled lifestyle. In short, Extraordinary People.

While our beers are suited to the more sophisticated pallette, we do have a beer for every occasion. We don't brew any mainstream style beers like lagers, pilsners, weiss beers or the like as they are available in abundance. We believe these beers are for the mainstream sheep aimlessly following commercial trends. Instead we offer an alternative for the discerning individual who seeks and appreciates quality and has a sense of knowing. Knowing they've found something that strikes a chord with them and feeds their soul. Knowing that they have something others don't have, and, since others have not evolved as much and are not as refined, they probably won't appreciate it.

Each of our beers is carefully designed around those who live an extraordinary lifestyle. We've won over wine drinkers, whisky drinkers, gin drinkers vodka drinkers, cider drinkers, rum drinkers and brandy drinkers to our beer. Many of these converts have been women who now constitute close to 60% of our customer base. They only thought they didn't drink beer!

Here is a list and description of the beers we have produced and sold so far. We don't always have everything in stock, but we are trying to achieve this.

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Black Saison


Session Ale

Bad Attitude

American IPA


Strawberry & Vanilla 'Wheat' Beer

Rebel Yell

American Amber Ale

African IPA

American IPA

Red Velvet

Belgian Dark Ale

Plane Jane

German Ale

Urban Outlaw

American Brown Ale

Baby Blond

Belgian Blond Ale

Goody 2 Shoes

Belgian IPA

Old Henry

London IPA

Settle the Dust

Belgian Pale Ale

Hard Working Man

American Pale Ale

Dakota Darke

Cappuccino Stout


Chili & Molasses Stout

4 Blind Mice

Mango & Basil IPA

Mental Meltown

Belgian Quadrupel

5 Bob

English Bitter / English Pale Ale

Womens Prerogative

Belgian Blonde Ale

Vow of Silence

Single / Enkel

el diablo Rosso

Barrel Aged Ale

el diablo Blanco

European Sour

el diablo 13-0318

Barrel Aged Sour

The Real Mexican

Chili Ale

Grumpy Old Man

Session Blend

Our Products

Developing extraordinary products to celebrate our extraordinary beer and enhance your extraordinary lifestyle.

Since our entire existence is based around beer and living an extraordinary lifestyle, we have developed some extraordinary products to celebrate our extraordinary beer and enhance the tastes, aromas and flavours that form an important part of an extraordinary lifestyle.

Beer Bread Kits

Beer Bread Kit / Gift Pack

Beer Mustard


Dark Beer Marinade

Beer Marinade

Brew Water Bru

Bottled Brewing Water

Squeaky Clean

Beer Soap

About Us

Brewing is our life, beer is our water so we don’t waste time drinking other things.

  • 2002

    A Passion is Born

    Greg who is an award winning brewer and renowned BJCP beer judge in the USA (That's Greg on the right) who also happens to be a good friend of Karl, our brewer, introduced Karl to craft beer and home brewing. "The very first time I tasted an IPA, I fell in love, I didn't even know what it was, but it was delicious." In those days craft beer didn't exist in SA and the only way he could get his fix was to brew his own.

    — more —

  • 2002-Onwards

    Learning an Art

    Karl, our brewer, spent years learning all there is to know about beer (so he thought) he brewed as much as he could trying to ensure he never ran out of beer at home. He brewed and studied every style of beer from lagers to Belgians to Lambics to IPA's and everything in between. "I thought I was rather clever and knew it all when it came to beer and brewing beer. Years later I would realise that I had only learned a fraction of what I needed to know in order to brew commercially. After my baptism of fire I have made a point of learning something new every day."

    — more —

  • 2013

    A Dream is Born

    Overall, 2012 had been a terrible year. The company Karl worked for 'closed' the branch that he worked in. he was left without an income and on top of that he couldn't find employment. He tried to start his own business but was blocked by his previous employer. This effectively put an end to those aspirations. What to do... Anyone who has ever brewed beer has dreams and aspirations of starting a brewery. Karl read an article about craft beer and it got him thinking.

    — more —

  • 2013

    A Brewery is Born.

    After he read the article about craft beer and how popular it was becoming he had the opportunity to have some craft beer at a birthday party he attended. It was strangely familiar he thought if others are making a living then he could do the same, after all it was something he knew a lot about and loved it. Furthermore, if the article was correct, people just couldn't seem to get enough of the stuff. A brewery was born.

    — more —

  • 2014

    Humble Beginnings

    A few months were spent doing research on brewing equipment. It quickly became apparent that we couldn't afford to buy a brewery, we would have to build one. This was frowned upon by people we spoke to, it seems this is not the South African. If you don't buy a shiny Kaspar Schulz then you can't possibly make beer. Karl read a book by Ken Grossman called 'Beyond the Pale, the story of Sierra Nevada.' This was all the inspiration and motivation we needed to fabricate our own brewery. We organised a small 25 square meter premises, we got hold of some stainless steel sheets and we started fabricating our own custom brewery. One of the constraints of the first brewery was the tiny doorway. We managed to fabricate a 350L system to fit through this doorway.

    — more —

  • 2015

    Learning Curve

    It took pretty much the entire year (2014) to fabricate the brewery and get all our licencing in place. We started to brew at the end of 2014. It was all new and there was lots to figure out and learn. While much of the learning was about beer, most of the learning and hard knocks were on the business side. Beer is a tough business.

    Just as we were starting to gain some traction by building up our local distribution, we faced a few challenges from various quarters that adversely affected this market. We were almost put out of business.

    We needed a new way to sell our beer. We accidentally stumbled on the tourist market and haven't looked back since. We are fortunate that our beer is a few years ahead of the local market so it was a little easier to gain foreign customers. As a result, we are rated around 20th position of all things to do in Port Elizabeth on TripAdvisor.com

    — more —

  • 2016

    Some Expansion

    We quickly outgrew our 25 square meter brewery and we realised that we needed our own retail outlet. We found a nice spot under an old hotel. We had hoped for a synergy with the hotel which didn't happen. We weren't there very long as logistically it just didn't work out for us, we couldn't get the raw materials and ingredients into the premises easily. The road outside was a steep hill, it made loading and unloading extremely difficult. The entrance to the premises was 3 stairs, no trolley could work there.

    We did however have tons of fun there. We had parties every Friday night and we met so many amazing people from all over the world.

    — more —

  • 2017

    Some More Expansion

    We packed up and moved the brewery again. This time to the industrial area it is a lovely premises and very easy to load and unload, we have the most amazing landlord who has helped and supported us tremendously. What we learned from this move is that for some reason, local people are reluctant to come down the industrial area to visit the brewery. The brewery is still very much the domain of overseas visitors, some of which book to come there months in advance.

    We were very fortunate to get the opportunity to open a tap room in the Boardwalk for the festive season. We learned so much from being there and we are grateful for all the wonderful people we got to meet and know, we have even gained some regulars from bring there. We released Urban Outlaw, an American Brown Ale that was aged in the bottle for 1 year. It took us 9 months to sell the entire batch, that averaged out to 6 beers per day. 98% of those beers were sold to overseas visitors. We have received some unfavorable ratings and reviews for some of our beers, mostly from locals who have miscatagorised the beers or who don't take the time to understand most of our beers don't conform to the homebrewing styles guidelines. It seems we are still a few years ahead of the local market, as well as the local 'experts'.

    — more —

  • 2018

    Finding Our Stride

    We have learned so much over the past 5 years and we have continued to improve the brewery and the beer. We opened a taproom in Walmer as part of Exclusively Craft in an effort to capture more of the local market. We always have a good presence on tap there and a good selection of bottled beer in the fridge. Our brewery is still frequented mainly by overseas visitors. We have expanded our range of beers tremendously, to date we have brewed and sold 52 different beers, we are finding new inspiration all the time, the more we learn and the places we visit and the more people we meet the more ideas we get, the more beers we will produce. We were the first brewery in South Africa to do a sour beer in 2015. We have since started a barrel project with Cabernet Savaugnon red wine barrels. We currently have a barrel aged pale/amber blend and a barrel aged sour.

    We have started collaborating with Brickmakers Distilling co. and we are very excitied about new products we will produce with them next year. Our first collaborative product is a beer and rum cocktail with lemon and ginger. It's called DWAIN - Drink Without An Interesting Name. It's available on tap and in bottles at Exclusively Craft and at Brickmakers Distilling co.

    — more —

  • 2019

    Exciting Times

    With everything we've learned so far, we are incredibly excited about 2019. We've done so many exciting things up until now in terms of beer and beer-centric products. We are the only brewery in the world to put beetroot in beer, we are the only brewery in the world to use spekboom in beer as well. There are so many exciting projects that we have lined up for next year, our industry is becoming very competitive, this is also exciting for us and the consumer.

    We will keep innovating in our efforts to establish a strong beer culture. Please go and like our facebook page in order to keep up to date about what we are doing.

    — more —

  • Come and have
    a beer with us and
    become part of our

Our Extraordinary Team

We make what we love and sell what we don't drink.

We are friendly, knowledgeable, hard working, passionate, talented, thirsty and extraordinary people. We love to drink our beer and talk about beer. It's only a rumor that some of us are grumpy old men and have bad attitudes. Did we mention we love drinking our beer?


Jack of all trades, master of one.


Jack of all trades, master of most.


Master of the Jacks

Our Taprooms

Extraordinary Beer for Extraordinary People.

We have a taproom at our brewery and one in the suburbs. It seems that many locals are afraid to come down to the brewery which is located in an industrial area, hey it's the law. We are only 200m from the sea and we work there every day and are still live to tell the tale! The brewery has however become a popular attraction for other businesses in the area who bring their colleagues and customers.

So we opened another taproom conveniently located in the leafy, green, tree lined suburb of Walmer. Both locations reflect our personality, they are unpretentious, relaxed and rustic.

Both environments are very homely, we will make you feel welcome and comfortable. We get visitors from all over the world and we end up making friends with most of the people who visit us. We stay in contact with them long after they've gone back home. There's a reason we're rated in the top 20 of all things to do in Port Elizabeth by Trip Advisor. Come and see for yourself.

Taproom @ The Brewery.

4 Rogaly Street, North End, Port Elizabeth

Taproom @ Exclusively Craft

145 Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

Contact Us

Get hold of us and let us know how we are doing. Come and visit us and have a beer and a chat. We want to get to know you.


Karl: 083 273 7505

4 Rogaly Street
North End
Port Elizabeth