Our Beer

Hardcore Beer for Hardcore Beer Lovers

Our beers are better suited to the more sophisticated, evolved pallette.

Available at our brewery, on tap & in growlers.

Taproom open Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00.

We get around because we need to multimultitask, so please phone first to make sure we are actually at he brewery. Karl - 083 273 7505 or Jane - 083 954 0824


Bad Attitude

American IPA

Chewy Caramel. A ton of hop aroma and flavour.

6.5% ABV


Blood, Sweat & Tears

Black Belgian Saison

Brewed with raisins ans sherry. Almost every flavour imaginable.

6.5% ABV


Settle the Dust

Belgian Pale Ale

A little more hops that provide a slightly fruity note.

5% ABV


Rebel Yell

Amber Ale

5% ABV

A Classic.


Our Brewery, Tours & Tasting

We enjoy our beer so much, we sell what we don't drink

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Our Brewery

We are a squarely focused on manufacturing. What this actually means in plain English is that we have used up most of our available space for our brewery.

Designed, fabricated and built 100% in house, we have a humble, hard working, honest, hard core production brewery that we feel reflects our friendly, unpretentious personality and character.

Others seem to agree - link to tripadvisor -

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Brewery Tours

Brewing beer is a really slow and boring process. Drinking beer and talking sh*t is a lot of fun. What direction do you think our tours go in?

Even if you think you don't drink beer you should book a tour. We are willing to bet that you will enjoy yourself. Make the bet when you get here.

Bookings Essential, especially if you want something to eat. Karl - 083 273 7505 or Jane - 083 954 0824 or bookings@docksidebrewery.co.za

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Beer Tasting

Although we only highlight a few beers, we brew over 50 different beers. While this causes a reaction, either positive or negative in most people, and idiots, we don't brew them all at one time.

What it means in real life is that we always have a new beer to taste every week. We are really good at making highly hopped beers, belgian beers, sour beers and barrel aged beers.

We have a mailing list to notify people who actually care about what we are doing.

We give away free beer to subcribers.

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We will let you know when we release a new beer or a special beer. Every month, 3 subscribers win free beer delivered to their door and 6 subscribers win free beer at our taproom! We won't send you long winded stories about the latest hops and malt and other boring crap.